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Brave Bites #2 with Alexis Newlin

February 03, 2021 Alexis Newlin Season 2 Episode 53
The Brave Podcast
Brave Bites #2 with Alexis Newlin
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Hey hey Brave Fans! Welcome to the second episode of Brave Bites. They will be short episode  at the start of each month with me sharing a little more about myself and how God has helped me conquer fear. They're about 20 minutes long. Let me know if you love it and what fear topics you'd like me to cover. 

Todays episode I share about taking a step to conquer my fear of height by riding the Terrodactyl at Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs.

Check out the video of my ride below:
Terrordactyl Ride 8.19

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Brave Bites#2

[00:00:00] Alexis Newlin: [00:00:00] Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of brave bites. . Thank you for joining me for another episode of it. I am going to do this the first Wednesday of every month. I'm going to share a little bit of a story about me and about me conquering and fear that I had. 

And hopefully you enjoy it. I got a lot of great feedback from the first one. I did. Thank you guys for giving me your feedback. And so I figured I'll keep doing this. So you get to know me a little bit and what I have dealt with with fear in my life. And sometimes it will be fun like the first two, and then. 

There may be serious ones. I'm still trying to decide what they're all gonna look like. But yeah, the first Wednesday of every month, there will be a bright bytes story. They're short little 20 minutes or less stories of a fear that I've dealt with  and then I'll also give you guys kind of a heads up of what podcast episodes to expect for that month. Sound good. Great. So for the month of February, I'm going to have. 

Authors featured. So I have three authors in mind. The first one is going to be Alexis Goring. Alexis was supposed to be my guest back in [00:01:00] October of 2020. But recording issues happened and I had to bump her, which is such a bummer.  got a brand new recording system from my uncle and was learning it's still and did not record well. So I had to do her whole interview over and she's very gracious and allowed me to rerecord everything. 

And so she will be the first guest up for February. I think guys will  love her. It's perfect. Cause she's a romance writer in February is kind of the month of romance and Valentine's and all that fun stuff. So she'll be a fun person to kick off. Our February interviews. So she'll be. After the break bites and then two other authors as well. 

So, yeah, that's, what's coming up for the brave podcast. For the month of February. So onto the story. So this brave bites is going to cover. My experience with the ride, the terrodactyl. So about me:hI am absolutely terrified of heights. I love adventure and I love like getting out there. I love rock climbing, which is so funny, loving [00:02:00] rock climbing so much. 

But being absolutely terrified of being up high. And the reason why I don't like Heights is because I'm 5'10, and from my vantage point, every time, I think of falling and that's one of the big reasons I don't like heights because I don't like falling down.  When I think of falling, , I'm like, that's going to be a long way down.  I don't want to fall. So I usually avoid high spots. 

 With rock climbing  still loved doing it loved being up there on the mountain. Love, being able to see all the beautiful views. It's coming down, where I'm like, Oh dear God, I've made a mistake. I'm absolutely terrified. And so it's so funny that I love that. I also love rollercoasters, which a lot of my really  close friends know ,I love, love roller coasters. I love the speed and the adrenaline of it.  you feel like you're flying the whole time.  One of my favorite ones is called full throttle at six flags magic mountain . The wait is a little long, but the ride is so worth it. There's this point where it's called a top hat, I believe, where  you're almost floating out of your seat. It Is. Amazing.  I'm just usually screaming my head off, enjoy or laughing. I love rides like that. I love to [00:03:00] be like going fast, floating and  going over hills and everything. That is super fun to me. Love that. 

I do not like being up high and be dropped. Drop rides, if you guys  don't know what that is, they're rides that take you up really, really high and then drop you. There's no fun in that . I do not like that. I'm like, who created this? Who has fun with this? And I have friends who absolutely love it, who think it's the funnest ride ever. And I'm like, what? How has this fun? You're being dropped from high speeds from a higher place. 

There's no fun in that. I don't get it. . That is not fun. So my friends know this. And a couple of my friends way back when I first discovered that I really hate it. Cause I didn't know. I hate to drop rides until I got on one of them realize, Oh, this is awful.  I went to six flags with a group of friends and there's this ride called the Lex Luthor. And it's up, I believe it's 405 feet. 

Oh, my gosh, you guys, it's 405 feet and you go really slow and that is torture. [00:04:00] Okay. That in itself is torture. So you're going up slowly , and you can see the Hills of Valencia and all this stuff. And it's a beautiful view, but when you're afraid of Heights and you know that you're going to be dropped from 405 feet, you can't enjoy it. 

If you're me, you can't enjoy it. You're just like, Oh my God, why am I here? . I get really vocal when I'm afraid. And so I start vocalizing every fear that's in my head .  My friends are usually cracking up at this point because I am terrified. I'm usually asking to get off the ride while it's going up. I'm just freaking out. 

And then you're at the 405 feet and the worst part is like, leave you up there. You don't know what you're going to get dropped. You don't know. Then you get dropped and you get dropped for that ride,  lex Luther at 85 miles an hour. That is not fun. I don't understand it.  Going through loops of roller coasters and dropping down like fun hills into tunnels when you're on a ride. That's great. 

Being 85 miles an hour from 405 feet. That is not fun. I don't get it, but some people love it. That's  more power to you?  It is my worst nightmare. And if I really love [00:05:00] you, and there are a few people on my list, I will do this with, I will get on that ride with you, and it is very entertaining to that person. 

My friends, Hannah and Claudia and Tara have all been witnesses to my terror on this thing. Absolutely hate drop rides, but if I love you enough, I will get on it. . Don't like Heights only being dropped. 

So the Terrodactyl, the Terrodactyl is in Colorado.  I had seen this ride on YouTube . I saw these two older ladies who are in their seventies. . So the pterodactyl, we're going back to that. , what it is, it's a ride that is set on the edge of a Canyon and you are 250 feet up in the air. They put you in this cage, the cage goes away. You're in the seat. You're strapped in the seat, the seat tips over. 

And you're facing the bottom of the Canyon and then the seat drops a new drop at a hundred miles an hour, and then you swing back up and then you gently float back up and it pulls you back to the edge. Okay. So I see this ride and these two older ladies do [00:06:00] it and they're like, calm as can be. And they're like, Oh, this is very beautiful. This is not, this is not so bad. And I'm like, okay, if these two older women can be dropped at a hundred miles an hour  And not super freak out. I can totally do this. And so  if there's ever a chance for me to go to Colorado Springs this ride is now on my bucket list. I'm going to go.  And I sent it to my friends and my friend Lori was like, Oh my gosh, when you do this, you have to post a video. , I have to see it. So I'm like, okay.  Two years pass and I am a part of this group called First Decents. And so First Decents is for young adult cancer survivors ages, 18 to 45, and they do these amazing week long trips where you get to try an adventure. So for this one  I chose.  To , go rock climbing. . There's just different, really cool trips you can do with them. They're completely free. And the community that you build from it is by far the best. It's so great. And as a cancer survivor, it's just so great to hang out with people around [00:07:00] your age. Because if you have cancer and you've been to  the clinics  going to get treatment you kind of noticed that you may be the only one there who's around your age. And it can be really weird and unsettling because you're like  why am I here? I'm at the prime of my life. I should not be here. And so to go to a group and spend time with people who are in like their late twenties, early thirties, and who've gone through what you're going through. It's amazing. So it's an  awesome program. If you have cancer and have the unfortunate. Being in the cancer club, it's not fun. I know. And you're feeling up to it. Check out versus since they do these amazing week long adventures. You can go surfing, go rock climbing, kayaking. It's just amazing. Got to check it out. Some of the best food you've ever eaten. Gotta check it out. I'll put that in the show notes. 

So I'm picking a first decents week long, and I see that there's one in the Denver area. Specifically Estes park. And so I'm like, huh, Colorado. That's what a [00:08:00] pterodactyl is. So I look up where the Terrodactyl is in Colorado Springs and I map where my week-long will be. So I plan it where the last day of my week long before I go home, that I'm going to go drive myself to Colorado Springs, jump on the Terrodactyl and then drive back and then fly home. I'm like perfect plan. I let people know at home that, I'm doing this. And they're like, you're crazy. ,as I am booking my tickets, I was terrified. And so I'm like, well, maybe someone will come with me. So I started asking and people  can't really make it. And I tell people my cancer group that I meet that week. I'm like, Hey, if you want to do this, , I have an open seat with me. Do you want to do it? 

And they're like, Oh man. No,  our flights are too early. We can't make it. So  god's like, you're not going to do it alone. I'm like, okay, perfect because I was really terrified to one, do this by myself. But I knew that I had to at least do it. So. The week long is awesome. I go rock climbing. It's absolutely amazing. One of the best weeks I've ever had made some great friendships. 

 So at the end of it, I go [00:09:00] to the airport. I rent a car. I rented this bright cherry red Mustang because Mustangs are awesome. That was the car I had before my Jeep. I I drive the two hours down to Colorado Springs. Only supposed to be like an hour and 20 minutes, but they were doing construction and it took forever to get down there. 

 I get down there  and as I'm pulling up it's gorgeous. I forgot I'd been to Colorado Springs back  when I was in college for like some church camps and I had forgotten how pretty Colorado Springs is. And so the place I go to are these gorgeous red rock.  I'm like, this is awesome. 

Where they have the terror Doxil is this cool adventure park called cave of the winds. Definitely got to check it out. There's a lot of fun things. There's caves, which caves are amazing if you love caves and you're a nerd like me. Caves are great. They have awesome caves there. They also have this, like not catapult, it's not the right word for it, but it's like, you can zip-line, it's called the battapolt.  They have you  sit in this seat and you zip lining across a Canyon, which I was like, dang, I should have signed up for that too. And then they had the Terrodactyl, where  you sit in the seat, you sit on the edge of the Canyon. They swing you down. [00:10:00] So I get in, I process my ticket and I stall.  I can't believe I'm going to do  this .I was so terrified. It took me 30 minutes to actually walk up to the platform.  It took so long. 

. I'm  in the gift shop, I'm trying to  you know, encourage myself.  You can do this and it'll be over before, you know it. You're not going to die.  you're going to be fine. I'm like, okay, I got this. So I walk outside, I signed the waiver . 

And I get up to the platform and I stand outside the gate . And so I stay out of the gate for like 10 minutes. Then the guy's like, are you here for the ride? And I'm like, yeah, I'm here. He's like, are you going to get on? , Yeah, I'm just trying to work myself up to it.  He's like, take your time and they're super nice and patient. 

 I finally  open the gate door and I walk up to the platform. So this platform it's  surrounded by this huge, beautiful Canyon. The Canyon is gorgeous you guys, and I will post a video of all this. So I walk up to the platform and I peek over the side of the Canyon and my heart is just racing and my palms are sweating and , I cannot get into the seat. And he's like, [00:11:00] it's easy. Just go, you sit down, I'll strap you in and then we'll move the gate and then you'll just drop it.  It's amazing. You're going to absolutely love it. People are really afraid at first, but you're gonna love it. And I'm like, okay. 

Okay.  , I can do this. So I take another five minutes and they have you get on the scale because they want to make sure you are under the weight limit  so, you know, the ride doesn't snap and  you do actually die. But that doesn't happen ever. So they weigh you. I was like under the weight limit, . 

So he's like, anyone else with you and I'm like, no, it's just me. He goes, Oh, perfect. I wanted to ride today. So he calls another buddy to come  his buddy comes. He goes, , I'll run it and he'll sit and ride with you. So I'm like, Oh great. So this is perfect. So the guy gets in with me and I apologized to him immediately. I'm like, "Hey, just so you know, I don't like heights. I don't like being dropped, so I'm going to freak out a little bit, but I'm okay. And he's like, that's fine. People have  screamed on this ride, people have cried. I've seen it all, your fine. 

I sit down and they start strapping me in. And he's like, do you want this recorded?  Yeah, I gotta record this people have got to see me freak out. He was like, okay. So he turns on the camera pointed [00:12:00] at me and the guy and straps me in, checks everything. Straps, the guy checks everything and then he pulls away the little gate. So how it is, you're sitting in this red seat and I'll post pictures of this too so you guys can see. You're sitting in this red seat and there was this gate . And then the gate opens and the floor goes away and then your feet are just dangling and you're sitting in the seat and , there's nothing below you. There's absolutely nothing below you. And so the seat  itself has this  little tether that's above it, where the  seat,  tips down and the swing engages. So it kind of swings you down. And so, 

The guy's explaining , okay, so when I tip you over, you're going to want to scream because you're going really fast.  You're holding it all this air you could pass out. So you just let out every emotion you're feeling. I'm like, , I have no problem doing that.  He was like, you're going to be great.  

It's going to be fine. He's getting ready to turn on the thing to tip me over.  He's like, Oh wait the camera, the camera's not set. So he had to close everything back up and I'm like, this is torture. I just want to be dropped. I just want this to happen. Why isn't this [00:13:00] happening yet?

So  the camera's on. . And then all of a sudden he just starts tipping me. , that's when I start to lose it because I realized there's no going back now. I'm back to swing into this Canyon. . And I of course start saying the thing that I always say when I'm on these rises, 

Oh, dear God. What am I thinking? I don't want to do this. And it's too late by that time, right?  It's tipping over. And the guy next to me is just as calm as a cucumber.  I am losing my mind just completely freaking out.  This is the worst mistake. And then all of a sudden I hear is pop. 

And the seat, lets you go. You drop going  at least a hundred miles an hour. And you get to the bottom. And I mean, I'm of course screaming my head off . I'm screaming, I'm screaming. And then you start to swing. And then I realized, Oh, I'm not dead. I am not dead. And I opened my eyes and you guys, it was the absolutely most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. You're in this Canyon it's completely serene. The rocks around you are these gorgeous red. 

And it is just so beautiful [00:14:00] and it's like flying as you're swinging. It's like you're flying. And once I realized that I am not dead, I was just so full of joy. And I started  screaming in  joy. I think almost hit the guy in the seat next to me because I was so excited and I'm flapping my arms, like a bird. , this is amazing.  It was something. I was so scared of, but then once it was done and I realized that I was okay. It was complete and total bliss.  it was amazing. It  happened so fast. It couldn't be any more than three minutes, the whole ride.  It was worth every penny. The view of it.  The fresh air. The beautiful Canyon, just everything., the feel of flying. It was so fun. I'm so glad that I did it.  It taught me a lesson and I was remember talking to my pastor about this when I interviewed her, is that. I  have this sort of Batman Jesus thing. I have to be reminded that God is going to take care of me and God will rescue me .  I'm going to be okay. I have to just trust him.  When I have a fear that I have to [00:15:00] face and I have to do these,  faith walks or flying off the edge of the Canyon or something like that to remember that God is going to be there and he's going. 

To catch me and I'm going to be okay. , once I realized that. It's just bliss. It really is. And so I try to take that experience in my life today when things are scary and  I don't understand what things will look like. With this past year with the pandemic and  the political chaos and  division and the racism and things just seem absolutely nuts. And I was like, God, 

God, what do I do? What I do. And he's like, just look at me. Once I  had my eyes on him and realized that he had me, there was just so much peace.  that's my story. I hope you guys liked that. 

 So I'm trying to think of what my next brave by should be. If you guys have an idea of what you want to hear from me what other  fear things I've conquered. I can tell you more about me being on rides and being afraid or my own [00:16:00] cancer journey. If you want to hear more about that, just shoot me a message or. I'll just come up with something fun, but thank you guys so much. I appreciate you guys tuning in every week. I just, I'm so grateful for my podcast fans, you guys are my fans. I love it. , I'm just amazed that people tune in every week to listen to me and to listen to other people's stories. I'm just so grateful for you.  Thank you so, so very much.  I'll see you next time. 

All right. Bye.