The Brave Podcast

Brave Bites #1 with Alexis Newlin

January 07, 2021 Season 2 Episode 49
The Brave Podcast
Brave Bites #1 with Alexis Newlin
Show Notes

Happy New Year!

The Brave Podcast is BACK!!! I have missed y'all so much and am so glad to start Season 2 of show next week! This episode is a bit different from the previous ones as it is just me chatting with you guys. This is something new I am trying called Brave Bites. They will be short episode  at the start of each month with me sharing a little more about myself and how God has helped me conquer fear. They're about 20 minutes long. Let me know if you love it and what fear topics you'd like me to cover. 

There are some more details in the episode of where The Brave Podcast is heading; tune in to catch all the new things!

New full episodes start on January 13th!

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